Storage Ideas

More storage space is one of the most common reasons that homeowners decide to renovate their kitchen. They’re tired of the countertops filling up with utensils, appliances, food and every day clutter. Luckily, there are great storage solutions available!

Spice Drawers

If you’re someone who is always fumbling through the spice cabinet, dropping them on your head because they’re too high and having to go back and forth because you forgot the garlic powder or the paprika, you may want to consider a spice drawer. Having an easily accessible drawer or cabinet next to your prep area will save a lot of frustration and headache (literally!).

You can either do a narrow spice pull-out cabinet which allows for all of your spices, oils and rubs to stay close by and organized without taking up much space (usually 9”) or the wide drawers allow for spices to be spread out and things like pots and pans or dishes to go underneath.

Mixing Cabinets

Whether you bake a lot or just a little, you may want to consider a mixing cabinet. It gives that large appliance a designated home and when you are ready to use it, you just plug it into the inside of the cabinet and lift it up. When your countertop is full of flour, eggs and chocolate chips, you’ll be glad your mixer has its own landing spot!

Trash Pullout

If there’s one thing nobody loves to look at in the kitchen – it’s trash. With a trash pull out cabinet, it’s nicely hidden away from guests and curious kids and dogs. You can get a cabinet that holds a large trash bin or two smaller bins that are great if you want to add in a recycling bin.

Blind Corner Solutions

Many of us have a blind corner cabinet that feels under utilized since we can’t easily access the things that we place in there. Luckily, innovative solutions like swinging pull outs have come to save the day. They almost look like kidney beans which allow for a smooth rotation when pulling it out. This type of solution allows for 2 levels of storage that even makes the back of the shelf easily accessible.