When it comes to renovating the master bathroom, many homeowners are faced with the decision of whether or not a tub is suitable for them. There are many factors to consider but what it really boils down to is personal preference. We’re going to help break down the questions that will lead you to your ultimate answer.



If you’ve bought your home to age in place, the future is something to consider when going through a bathroom renovation. Bathtubs take up a decent amount of space and can be quite difficult to get in and out of as you age. A walk-in shower allows for a zero to low threshold entrance, making it more manageable for a wheelchair or walker to get in and out of. Maintenance is also something to consider. Bathtubs require you to get on your hands and knees to clean and if you already have a shower to clean, this creates more work.


Will it be utilized? 

If you’re someone who loves to take baths, that is a no-brainer, go for the tub! More than likely you have a garden tub you can’t wait to stop staring at, but with all the different options out there now, you’re sure to find one that best suits your needs and is more up to date. Lets say you’re someone who takes an occasional bath when you’re trying to relax and unwind. Really consider how you want that experience to feel. Do you want to go down the hall to the guest or kids bathroom and squeeze into that tub? Or do you want to embrace a spa like sanctuary? If you’re someone who never takes a bath and there are other bathtubs available for you to use, removing the tub from the design and focusing on creating more space for the vanities or a larger walk-in shower might be the right move.


What’s the Value?

If you plan to sell the home at some point, a question you might ask yourself is how will a tub affect the resale value of your home. If you only have 1 other bathtub in the home, removing a tub from the master bath will decrease the value of the home. This also may turn away homebuyers that have large families and need the extra space or those that want a designated tub that the kids won’t use. Luxury homes typically include a tub so take into consideration surrounding homes and what homebuyers are looking for in their next home.
  Remember though – the master bathroom is dedicated to you so really be mindful of how you would like your space to serve you while you’re living in your home.